We Cover The World


Our base is in Europe, but with our tarps, halls, tents and different types of weather shelters we’re proud to say that we, cover the world.

What once started as a dream between two childhood friends, is now NHC. One of Europe’s Leading and largest manufacturer of end products made out of coated technical textiles.


With five, modern production sites and around 250 employees, we combine world class craftsmanship with state of the art technology to guarantee an effective and sustainable production.


Our customer’s challenge
is our challenge


Our skilled professionals will use all their knowledge and competence to offer the best possible solution. we are able to produce everything from standard ABC products up to large scale customized projects that require both experience and expertise on the highest level.

We like to say that The NHC way brings personality into quality. Since the very beginning we’ve strived to combine the personal feeling with professional output, always working closely with our costumers, keeping in mind a high level of quality and service.

Timeline NHC

Historical milestones

Details Specification
2022 The total business turnover is more than SEK 500m
2021 The construction and operations are broken off to start Consembly AB. Miamipool is acquired
2020 The group changes its name to NHC (Northern Hall and Cover) to mark the ambition to become the leading player on the European market. NHK advertising breaks out to start Brandcode AB​
2019 Acquired Tarpaulin Team, which includes Tarpaulin Oy and Compoternte OY. This further strengthens the group, as one of the leaders in PVC welding and tailor-made solutions
2018 NHK Group is formed and acquires Scantarp OY. Together, we will have approximately 200 employees with a turnover of approximately SEK 300m
2017 New production premises 1700 m2 with 4 special welding machines are built and the total production area thus exceeds 6600 m2
2016 Tingslunda AB is acquired. Expansion of the production premises is carried out, a total of 1400 m2. Investment of 4 new HF welders is carried out. NHK Arena becomes a reality after cooperation agreement with Timrå IK
2015 Berg Kapell in Umeå is acquired, which provides further increased production capacity
2014 The construction department starts with 3 employees. Bergmans Reklam is acquired
2012 Expansion of the property completed. Production area now 3,500 square meters. Another 3 HF welders are purchased, which gives us Europe's longest welding table at 102 meters
2007 The property in Timrå is bought - gives 1650 square meters of production space. Investment of more HF welders. Max length 50 metres
2005 NHK moves to new premises in Timrå. Investment of more HF welders
2001 Production on a larger scale. The first new HF welder is procured
1997 Niklas Nordlund and Magnus Forslud realize their dream when they invest in their first welding and found Norrlans Hall & Kapell – NHK in Sundsvall, Sweden.