Insulated hall covers with protective properties make exposed environments safe.


Are you looking for a solution to protect people and assets in especially exposed environments? We can help you find durable solutions to make work environments and premises safe by using hall fabrics with special protective properties.

We can help you with tailor-made installations for industry and other fields that require extra safety. The properties and function you require govern the choice of marquee fabric based on aspects that include durability, cold protection, fire prevention, chemical resistance, electrical conductivity and extra UV protection.

We naturally guarantee the highest quality at every level, all the way from the choice of guys, fabric and upholstery to sewing, welding and assembly/delivery. All hall covers are available free of phthalates, and with more than 100 different types of fabrics and up to 30 different colours, there are many possibilities. Add to this the ability to print designs and logos on the fabric.

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