4 August 2021

NHC in huge deal with the Norwegian Fish industry.

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4 August 2021 NHC in huge deal with the Norwegian Fish industry.

NHC produces world unique product for the Norwegian fish industry – A deal worth around 10 million Euro.


We are proud to announce that NHC have made an exclusive deal with the Norwegian salmon farming pioneer Ecomerden. Together with Ecomerden, we are making what we call a “fish farming-bag”. A gigantic “bag” in customized PVC, with a weight over 13 ton, and a with a circumference of 130 meters, it’s a product that will revolutionize the fish farming in Norway, and in the rest of the world.



“The synergies between Ecomerden and NHC makes us a world leading player in the fish farming with closed cages in the world.”

– Jan Erik Kyrkjebø, General Manager, Ecomerden.


Ecomerden has a patented technique on closed salmon farming in their Ecocage, which passes the tough envoirmental requirements and biological challenges that salmon farming is faced with 2021. The bag, along with Ecomerdens Ecocage, creates a solid yet flexibel wall that protects the fish from parasites, and that alone drastically lessens the mortality of the fish, thanks to the optimal growth environment in the bag.

Traditionally, the use of “net-bags” has been standard for fish farming in Norway, but now, there’s a new standard coming with the more envoirnmental friendly Ecocages. It all works as a closed system, with little or none effect on the marine environment.




“The production of every bag is a huge process by itself. It demands the very most from our equipment, staff and facilities. It’s incredibly inspiring for us!”

– Patrick Chruzander, COO, NHC – Sweden.


Expansion of facilities and need of more staff

The bags have a circumference of 130 meters, and weighs about 13 tons – we are now looking into the possibilities to expand our facilities in NHC Sweden Timrå, with at least 5000 square meters. We are also looking to hire around 15 new people just to optmize the deal beetween NHC and Ecomerden.


The proposal – Long term partnership

The deal between NHC and Ecomerden means an initionall 10 bags to be produced and delivered in 2021. And if everything goes as calculated, 100 bags will be produced until 2025, a deal worth around 10 million Euro.


The product in place in Norway for installation.


“NHC has shown great co-operation will and has a company that consists of all around pro’s. They have the right attitude, and is always looking to improve things and optimize processes. The NHC production facilities is ideal for Us and our huge productions”.

– Jan Erik Kyrkjebø, General Manager, Ecomerden.


For NHC, this deal is so much more than an increase in revenue. We get a stable and well trusted partner, with a exciting and innovative product, ready to revolutionize the market. This will generate alot of future possibilities for NHC and Ecomerden to act on. And as we see it, the sky is the limit!


For more info – visit www.ecomerden.com