9 March 2022

Celebrating our 25th anniversary

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9 March 2022 Celebrating our 25th anniversary

25 years ago, the both childhood friends Niklas Nordlund and Magnus Forslund decides to realize a common dream. They started what was then known as Norrlands Hall och Kapell (NHK), with the purpose to assemble storage halls. Shortly thereafter, they invested in their very first PVC-welding machine.

Now, in 2022, we are more known as the international-sounding Northern Hall And Cover (NHC) -One of Europe’s Leading and largest manufacturer of end products made out of coated technical textiles. With 5 producing sites in Sweden and Finland, and over 200 employees.

Then as now, we cover the world with our products and costumized solutions, that protects and store our clients assets. Always with great service, hard work and a big heart present.

That is of course something worth celebrating!

But first – we want to send a big and warm thank you to all of our clients and partners that has been following us through the years. Thank you for beliving in us. Without the all of you, there wouldn’t be any anniversary.

And, NHCs most valuable asset, the heart and soul in our company – our beloved staff! To all the people that get’s up every morning to give it all your best. The people that lifts, carry, pulls and carefully welds to perfection. To all of you that creates these smart solutions, and give that little extra to our clients, to make their day a bit better, every day. Love and respect to all of you.

Now – Let’s make 2022 something special!